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          • Rotary Piling Rig XCMG XR150DIII

          Rotary Piling Rig XCMG XR150DIII

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          Product Description


          1. Genuine Guang xi cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine, high power, reliable performance.

          2. special telescopic rotary excavating undercarriage, equipped with double-box type derricking machanism, easy for transportation and adjustment, enabling excellent operation stability and reliability.

          3. Imported Kawasaki hydraulic components, reasonable power system matching and high construction efficiency.

          4. Global satellite positioning system(GPS), allowing remote data analysis, real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of complete machine.

          5. Independent intellectual property intelligent control system, CAN bus and PLC control system application, including the mast verticality auto/manual adustment, depth auto detection and display, intelligent fault diagnosis control etc.

          Main Parameters:

          CUMMINS QSB7-C202
          Rated powerkW150
          Rotary driveMax. Output torqueKN . m150
          Rotary speedr/min7~33
          Max. Drilling diametermm¢1500
          Max. Drilling depthm56
          Pull-down cylinderMax. Pull-down piston pushkN 120
          Max. Pull-down piston pullkN 160
          Max. Pull-down piston stoke3.5
          Main winchMax. Pulling forcekN160
          Max. Line speedm/min72
          Auxiliary winchMax. Pulling forcekN50
          Max. Line speedm/min60
          Mast rake side/forwards/backwards
          UndercarriageMax. Traveling speedKm/h2.5
          Max. Grade ability%40
          Min. clearancemm365
          Track shoe widthmm700
          Distance between tracksmm2960~4200
          Hydraulic systemWorking pressureMpa32
          Overall drilling weightt47
          DimensionWorking conditionmm7550x4200x19040
          Transportation conditionmm13150x2960x3140

          Xuzhou Reman Construction Machinery Remanufacture Co., Ltd.

          Copyright ? Xuzhou Reman Construction Machinery Remanufacture Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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